Business Finance

The best finance option for your business

Business finance can be one of the most important ingredients to your success. Here at AMG Group, we pride ourselves on securing the best finance option for your situation.

Because we are accredited with all of the major lenders, we can make the task of getting the best deal for you and your business more manageable.

As your business finance partner we’ll save you time and effort, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

Does your business need more cash?

We understand that traditionally banks have been the primary financiers. We also recognise that banks may not always be in a position to satisfy a client’s total lending requirements; especially in situations where the client is expanding and cash flow is restricted.

Our experienced debt advisors can help by providing a business finance solution which provides a credit facility limit for you to draw down upon as and when required. In most cases this type of facility is supported by property at a greatly reduced cost and lower interest rates; we can also assist in dismantling restrictive covenants.

Where property is not available, AMG can provide a facility secured against future revenue, enabling you to enjoy greater flexibility in managing your business cash flow. This also eliminates the need for extended supplier credit, giving you the ability to negotiate prices with suppliers and providing opportunities to source goods from a broader range of suppliers – both locally and overseas.

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