Development Finance

Staying steady in a changing environment

The Australian property market is constantly evolving. Like you, we understand that a changing environment can have a significant impact on a project’s profitability, and that it’s prudent to deal with a financial services provider with proven knowledge and experience in this segment.

Solutions to suit you and your project

From straightforward residential projects to multi-million dollar developments, AMG is active in lending or arranging development finance solutions for a wide range of commercial, industrial, retail and residential projects.

A broad range of construction and development finance loan products combined with expert construction finance advice means that we can help clients enhance their project’s bottom line.

Take-out finance, equity release and extended selling periods

AMG also provides take-out finance of unsold residual property development stock to clear construction loans, release equity or provide an extended selling period to the developer. This can be arranged on a capitalised interest basis combined with a higher lending ratio, which can provide recapitalisation to enable the commencement of another project. It can also be utilised to retire mezzanine debt or private loans and refinancing at a lower cost of funds.

Let’s talk

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